Very professional with excellent customer service!

Duana Barley

Awesome organization! The professionalism and fellowship during photo shoots is outstanding.

Ron Thomas

Houston's Newest Photography/Videography Studio offers exceptional value at the ideal location!!!! #3rd ward Houston, TX

J Raphael Gilmore

Great people to work with and picture quality is exemplary.

Sam Rhodes

Very professional! The energy is awesome. Great place!

Brittney Cain

I can't wait to set the date and work with him!!! Imagery is Everything!!!

Nikita Lockett

Exceeded my expectation. Clean setup. Very well laid out. A1 professional group.

Donnie L Jackson

On board with Fotocentric Photography Studio!!! A great place for your next photoshoot!!! Schedule your next phootshoot at Fotocentric Photography Studio!

James Gamble

Congratulations Jared, you are so creative, you must tell me all about your new adventure. So proud of you.

Hargie Crenshaw

If you want to book your next session, Fotocentric is the place to be. The photographers are very professional with great characters

Chamond Brooks

Awesome shoot. As an amateur, J made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me find my inner confidence. High quality results. Love it!

Matasha LaQuinn

This was a great experience for me in this studio. It was a very pleasant atmosphere but most of all very welcoming. It was very clean and organized as well. I would recommend this studio to all my family & friends looking for a great experience in photo shoots. The professionalism was a plus. Great Customer Service goes a long way and in this studio the photographers takes good care of their clients.

Rhonda Pitts

This is the place to get quality work with quality service. Great team with positive attitudes! Guaranteed the best experience ever!

Michelle Cofield

I love everything about this young man..is vision for his clients is awesome. The creativity is more than I could imagine. The colors are rich and look unreal to me. I can see so many more great thing for Mr. J..I CAN see him teaching others how to be entrepreneurs and marketing their craft...keep it up..saving my coins to get a photo shoot soon..

Zada Jones Collins